Frequently asked questions

How does repatriation work?

Depending on the distance involved, the nature of the injury or illness and the urgency required for treatment, Capital Air Ambulance offers a range of services to meet the patient’s needs and will recommend one of the following methods of medical repatriation:

  • Intensive care air ambulance
  • Medical escort air taxi
  • Commercial flight with medical escort
  • Road ambulance
What is an air ambulance?

Critical care aircraft are specially equipped as flying intensive care units. They provide specialized medical equipment and a full assortment of patient specific drugs and medications. The aircraft are staffed with an aviation trained medical team to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Where does Capital Air Ambulance provide evacuation and repatriation services?

Capital Air Ambulance has extensive experience in International evacuations, primarily in Continental Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. We also have relationships with global assistance companies who provide repatriation services further afield, such as North America and the Far East.

May a family member come with the patient?

Family members or companions are welcome to accompany the patient on private air ambulance transfers; but this is determined by the patient’s condition, any special medical equipment required to be on-board the aircraft, the necessary medical team and seat availability. The patient will always be the first priority. There are however cases where our Medical Director may not approve a family member for reasons that may impede patient care.

What luggage can I bring on the air ambulance?

Luggage capacity is limited on an Air Ambulance due to the space required for Flight Medical Crew and Escorts to work efficiently on repatriation flights and the amount of medical equipment carried on-board. Therefore luggage must be restricted to one soft case and one carry on bag. All costs associated with any additional shipping are the responsibility of the customer. If you have extra luggage please advise us as soon as possible as we may be able to accommodate this.

What is the cost of the service?

There are a multitude of factors which determine the final cost of the service. Each quote is patient specific depending on their location, destination and most importantly their medical needs.
Please contact our operations department for a quote.

How do I pay for the Air Ambulance?

Capital Air Ambulance accepts credit & debit cards and bank transfers. We accept most types of cards but we are unable to accept American Express. There is a small charge for the use of credit or debit cards. All services must be paid for prior to any arrangements being made.

What questions should I ask to determine if an Air Ambulance company is qualified?

People do not always ask these questions especially when they are faced with a medical emergency. The following guidance may help with your decision:

  • Does the company have a Medical Director?
  • Does the company crew each flight with a doctor and nurse?
  • Are the medical crew members trained in aviation medicine?
  • Does the company have liability and malpractice insurance?